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With all that’s needed in the world, those of us privileged to have safe & nourishing spaces need to access them, need to recharge, refresh & ignite our light so we can be-act-do refreshed, awakened and focused for the many demands and needs of our lives, of our communities & so very much – for the world.  Recognizing our privilege, building resiliance and using it to create avenues of access to wellnes for everyone is an endeavor we all could pick up.

It all starts with filling our well. We can not just deplete ourselves if we are going to be fully supportive to ourselves and the needs of those around us.


‘Manifest on Maui Retreat’


Exploring, Connecting & Manifesting on the powerful and magical island of Maui.
~ Yoga ~ Reiki ~ Meditation ~ Sound Vibration ~ Journaling ~ Adventure ~ Culture ~ Whales ~ Beaches ~ Bliss ~
‘Manifest on Maui’ will nourish our lives to be more fully in step with our true nature, expanding possibilities, enriching how we walk our walk and of course experiencing the wonders & adventures of Maui; its culture, people & beauty.
Adding to the powerful opportunities of personal & group experiences is the reality that our time on Maui will support needed commerce and carying engagement with the people and communities of this precious land.

A special message about Maui 

~ Malama Maui ~

Many are aware of the recent destructive fires on parts of the island of Maui; in the areas of Kula, Olinda and the devastation of Lahaina town and neighborhoods on the Westside around Lahaina.  Lahaina is the historic seat of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  A site of significant spiritual and ceremonial importance to the Hawaiian people.  The immediate mobilizing of support and help (kōkua) that came from all reaches of the island and surrounding islands and then from around the world is an example of the integrity within all of us to know our kuleana (responsibility) to be of service and aid.

‘Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage’ is listening and connecting with community and mobilizers on Maui.  There is a delicate balance between supporting an island which now faces profound economic hardship, and giving space and resources to those who are grieving and rebuilding their lives. 

The power of the heart is a profound manifester, may it bring strength and hope to the people and ‘āina of Maui.

It is important that tourism continue to support the economy and wellbeing of Maui’s businesses with respectful and generous visitors. The businesses and residents of Maui need the tourism to sustain livelihood and be nourish by sharing aloha.  The businesses of Maui ~ the hands and hearts of Maui ~ that mobilized from their stocks and supplies are now at risk. Without tourism to replenish and finance these efforts, as well as keep their businesses alive, the long term effects could be even more devastating. There are numerous avenues to offer support; sites to donate, buying on line from local businesses that ship their products, AND… GO to Maui.  Respectfully staying away from the areas healing and in the begining stages of restoration.

Katie O’Connell (Dragonfly Yoga Barn) and Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage (Leslie Jose) raised $2,000 through the contributions from events & our local community for families who lost their homes and belongings in the Lahaina fires.  I have personally also donated to:

Maui Humane Society

Maui Strong

Maui Rapid Response

Pacific Whale Foundation

Kipuka Olowalu

Attention from all of us could support protecting and preserving the land, the native species, restore water rights to the people of Maui, and prevent corporate development as Lahaina is rebuilt. 

May the power of our hearts and the strength in the actions we can take support the highest good for the people and ‘āina of Maui. 

The importance of individuals and societies coming together to recognize and nurture the needs of all peoples is paramount to shifting the existing imbalances in our global community.  

This starts with each of us taking care of ourselves and then acting for the betterment of all.

Imua Aloha ~ move forward with strength & love


An added message from Leslie ~

Being fearful does nothing to reduce the blatant & subtle imbalances in our world— instead, staying in fear drops our body’s defenses, compromises our body’s abilities and turns responses into a frame of reaction and protectiveness.  Allowing though, fear, to be a momentary flag that allows us to shift to awareness that something is needed.  Awareness to consider self, others, choices, is a skill and tool that sets the body & mind up to move forward with attention, compassion and action (imua).

Releasing and resting from the effects of the stressors in our days is also a tool and takes skills we all can access and aquire.  Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, playing in the woods, being in the water, connecting with others, sharing time with animals, accessing the people, places and activities that allow the breath to mist into the corners of our being and open the gates of your body’s potential is available to all of us. 

Working towards maintaining an active, enriched and compassionate life means we have the internal & physical resources to support the needs in our lives and more fully be there for others.                                                                                                

~ remember to keep enough humor in your days to spark your fires ~

The whole world is on a shifting stage ….  there is opportunity for world wide change in how we use the Earth’s resources, how we engage with each other and move ourselves towards more compassionate, healthy, sustainable lifestyles. I encourage all of US to do all we can to aid in this shift.

May you dance with the light within you, and may peace and grace fill your heart.