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We have all been experiencing unprecedented times of unique and diverse challenges. Even though the terminology being used is social distancing, the aim is not to socially distance oursleves from each other, but rather physically distance to support the health of all at the same time bringing awareness to our profound interconnectedness.  Maintaining healthy social connections through a variety of adapted activities and services is imperetive in allowing the ability of our bodies to support health on all levels.   The importance of individuals and societies coming together to recognize and nurture the needs of all peoples is paramount to shifting the existing imbalances in our global community. 


Being fearful does nothing to reduce the spread of Covid-19 or the blatant & subtle imbalances in our world— instead, staying in fear drops our body’s defenses, compromises our body’s abilities and turns responses into a frame of reaction and protectiveness.  Allowing fear to shift to an awareness of needed action allows the body & mind to move forward with attention and progress.
In relation to Covid-19 and all contagions, being diligent and growing awareness of how many surfaces and people we come in contact with, and the steps we can take to mitigate spread, can support us in maintaining an active, enriched and involved life.
– Step away from fear and move into awareness and action
– Nourish yourself through healthy food and healthy movement
– Release the effects of stress (massage, yoga, meditation, exercise, art, play…) and stay involved with community connections.

– remember to keep enough humor in your days to spark your fires –

The whole world is on a shifting stage ….  there is opportunity for world wide change in how we use the Earth’s resources, how we engage with each other and move ourselves towards more compassionate, healthy, sustainable lifestyles. I encourage all of US to do all we can to aid in this shift.

May all health be yours, and may peace and comfort fill your heart.