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“Your nose reduces the risk of viral particles getting to your throat. A mask reduces the risk of the viral particles getting to your nose, and social distancing reduces the risk of them getting to your mask. Together, these countermeasures work very well.” Peter Tippet MD PHD

In support of the governor’s order to stop all non-essential work, hands on sessions at Peace of Mind will be cancelled until the pandemic is managable.  (please see 1-1 Zoom Sessions) I’m hopeful I’ll be able to re-schedule physical hands on sessions the end of May ~ bringing to each of us touch, therapy and the nourishment we are thirsty for.


There’s lots of info tossed around out there. Much is common sense. As we are all aware, this virus can be dangerous if contracted & is very contagious. Wise for all of us to keep in mind it spreads the same as other contagions- through contamination.  ‘mostly our hands’

Being fearful does nothing to reduce its spread — instead, fear drops our body’s defenses & compromises our body’s abilities.
Be diligent & grow awareness of how many surfaces we come in contact with & the steps we can take to mitigate its spread.
– Step away from fear & into awareness & action
– nourish yourself through good food, healthy movement, releasing the effects of stress and filling with love.

Some resent studies from researchers in China show the pathogen settles into the throat for 2,3,4 days before migrating to lungs. So it is suggested to:
– gargle daily- mixing with water; vinegar or lemon or salt
– drink hot or warm drinks throughout the day, keeping mouth & throat moist and flushing pathogens into the stomach where the acids kill it.
– consider including zinc as well as vitamin C (check with your PCP)

Most of us are familiar with these:
– use foaming soap and wash vigorously for the familiar 20 seconds.
– wash & dry clothes – some studies show direct sunlight is better than dryers.
– the virus can attach to hair & clothing… remove & wash before entering safe zones
– use wipes, Kleenex or paper towels to open doors or when touching surfaces in public places (gas pumps, credit card screens, steering wheel, shifters, phone, counters….) …  we don’t need “plastic” gloves and actual surgical masks to safely manage through most situations.  We do need to keep something between us and the surfaces we are touching in public places.
– It can’t be emphasize enough that staying connected through virtual conversations and compassionate actions from safe distancing is an important part of nurturing ourselves & our communities in this situation. 

The term “social distancing” is not what align with.  We are PHYSICALLY distancing.  Staying connected with each other in whatever virtual social form we can will nourish us & support our balance.
– if you need to attend a physical appointment keep these in mind:
– go straight from home not a public place or work
– go in freshly laundered clothes, remove (& launder) on return home and remove outside shoes before going in your house.

– if there is a need to shop or get gas, do it after appointment
– be sure you & those you have been with are well. If in doubt, don’t go.
– wash you hands as soon as you arrive anywhere.

– remember to keep enough humor in your days to spark your fires –

The whole world is on the same stage …. in this very challenging time, there is opportunity for a world wide shift in how we use it’s resources, how we engage with each other & ourselves into more compassionate, healthy, sustainable lifestyles. Let’s do all we can to aid in this shift. Stay aware & contacting state reps, be aware of rules & laws that are being changed in this vulnerable time so we & the world may come out of this better than we went in.

May all health be yours, peace & comfort fill your heart.