1-1 ‘Peace of Mind’ Zoom Session

1-1 Peace of Mind Zoom Sessions are more than a virtual opportunity to bring peace & nourishment to your body, they also tap into and amplify the body’s abilities to use all its resources to eliminate toxins & the effects of stress, to sooth and quiet the mind, to support a person’s highest potential -which in turn results in better health, a stronger immune system and a more peaceful capable mind. 

In the midst of a challenging world scene, finding opportunity to bring a little “Peace of Mind” to our breath is essential for managing through the difficulties we are facing.  This Zoom session will bring Leslie’s experience, talent & skills to a platform that will nurture & allows a window of peace, calm & care.   

I feel bringing ‘Peace of Mind’ to our communities and each other should not be weighted by “MONEY”.  Although, like the rest of us, I am in challenging territory -not working my regular massage practice (the financial foundation of my business) is an interesting dance.
It feels important these sessions be available to all regardless of ability to pay.  I believe all of us can bring support and peace to each other through the basic truest aspects of being HUMAN…. by safely helping others, offering compassion, and bringing care to ourselves so we can be there for others.  

If you are in need of some calming moments where you let go of the crazy and feel nourished & cared for, please don’t let an inability to pay keep you from a session.  

Connect with Leslie to set up a session and establish payment.

I hold trust and a deep knowing, “this will all work out”.

Sessions run about an hour and offer a time of calm, nourishing, guided meditation with sound and Reiki and Leslie’s intuitive talents of support and guidance.

May all Health be yours, and your heart be filled with peace and comfort.