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Find the power of touch through Peace of Mind Reiki® and Massage

Leslie combines over twentyfive years of experience and training in the complementary medicine field to therapeutic massage and yoga. This combination creates strong assessment tools and brings experienced skills to offering improved mobility, comfort and opportunity for healing on all levels. Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Sound Vibration, Yoga and Shamanic techniques are a few of the tools Leslie uses to support optimal health for her clients on the table and in trainings and retreats.

Water is a medium strong to Leslie world.  For years she taught water classes for infants and toddlers, as well as water movement and water aerobic classes to elders.  She & her brother trained and competed at national & international levels in whitewater kayaking and she continues to be found in or on the water in all its forms whenever possible. It’s not surprising that Leslie developed a technique to utilize her love of water and its qualities in combination with the healing and balancing aspects of massage, range of motion and Reiki.   HYDRO~KI® is a trademarked technique preformed in the water using the qualities of buoyancy, resistance and the water’s ability to be a conductor of energy.

Leslie is passionate about educating her clients so they are better equipped to maintain the improvements gained during sessions & trainings. The compliment of these modalities to therapeutic massage supports our body’s innate wisdom to heal. This multilayered approach nutures on all levels and enhances outcomes.

Leslie continues to advance her knowledge and feed her profound interest in anatomy, the workings of our bodies and the mystery of life through continued education with trainings, workshops, retreats and seminars.

It is an exciting time for therapists and clients. The advancements in science of all areas brings added knowledge and amplifies the effectiveness of modalities such as massage, meditation, Reiki, yoga, sound vibration among others. Leslie’s trainings with Tom Myers (https://www.anatomytrains.com/about-us/certified-teachers/tom-myers/ a leader in the field of movement, manual therapies and fascia has supported many of her views and advanced her skills & knowledge. He and others are focused on the profound influence and connectedness of fascia on all aspects of function, wellbeing and health and are bringing their expertise and research to the world of therapeutic massage and other manual therapies.

Leslie is drawn back to Maui Hawai’i often. The culture, the people, the powerful teachings available to those willing to live in pono is an awakening of the powr of the heart. Leslie studied Lomi Lomi (with Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai (https://hoomanaspamaui.com/about/, learning of and valuing Hawaiian culture, opening to the powerful and important awareness of how to walk the ‘āina & respect the history and people of these lands have become important aspects of her journey.

Leslie is an active professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  She has served on the Board of Directors of The Vermont Reiki Association and was part of the organizing platform of Celebration of Reiki, Inc. in Massachusetts. Both these nonprofit organization are/were dedicated to the professional and educational development of Reiki practitioners as well as supporting educated professional access to Reiki for all.  The importance of bringing outreach programs and support to businesses, hospitals and facilities interested in developing or expanding Reiki into their wellness programs is served with both of these organizations.

Leslie’s practice ‘Peace of Mind’ offers therapeutic massage, Reiki sessions and classes, meditation groups, and a number of retreat and training opportunities. You can also find Leslie collabortating with other wellness and health practitioners, such as Discover Health in Conway, NH and Dragonfly Yoga Barn in North Sandwich, NH.

Please connect with Leslie directly for information on classes, trainings, retreats, or to schedule a session.

photo by Maundy Mitchell https://maundymitchell.com/portfolio/