treatment spaceA session brings the full focus of Leslie’s experience, skills and passion to support improvement on all levels. Combining clinical, oriental, orthopedic and traditional techniques, Leslie is able to design an individualized therapeutic plan for each client, and support you attaining improved comfort, mobility and health.

POMR ~ Massage: This technique is unique to Peace of Mind and incorporates an expansive offering which supports a person’s whole body . The session begins with a series of techniques on the table: meditation, rocking, Reiki and sound vibration. These create a deep place of relaxation while at the same time softening and lengthening all aspects of the body and mind in preparation for the massage portion of the session. This supports all aspects of our being to be effective and complete in their functioning. Igniting the body’s innate abilities with skilled therapeutic massage strokes are these techniques enhance the body’s ability to bring about correction, balance and comfort. 2 hours: cost $120

Focus Massage: This massage is geared towards a specific challenge or issue and will provide support/education and technique. This massage incorporates numerous orthopedic techniques along with soothing and comforting techniques to enable the body to absorb the benefits. . 1:15 hr: cost $80

POMR ~ Reflexology: This treatment is unique to Peace of Mind and focuses on the hands and forearms, the feet and lower legs using techniques of reflexology and massage. Added to this session is the laying of thinly sliced cucumbers over the closed eye lids and fresh ginger in gauze placed gently at the entrance of the nose. The moisturizing affect of the cucumber and the clearing refreshing aspects of the fresh ginger support many layers of the body beyond the face. The session ends with a gentle face massage using the cucumber to support absorption of nutrients and moisturizing of the face. 1 hour: cost $80

Reiki: A Reiki session supports the physiology of relaxation and stress reduction. When the body releases the affects of stress and is supported into a state of relaxation it can support and ignite the body’s innate abilities and bring improved comfort and health to all aspect of a person’s being. We nourish our body’s systems with healthy food; water and air… all of our body systems need energy to do their job. Reiki brings a boost to & nourishes our energy so all the other systems are more effective in their functioning. Reiki is often offered with the client lying on a massage table for comfort, but Reiki can be offered anywhere. A client is completely clothed during a session. 1 hour: cost $80

Classes, Trainings, Retreats & Talks are offered throughout the year.

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