Adventures in Spirit

With Leslie & Katie

“Adventures in Spirit” was coined when Leslie and Katie joined together to create exciting and introspective opportunities within the boundless windows of nature. These two soul buddies love to spend time together exploring nature and the mysteries of self and soul. During these events they mingle together these investigations and their love of practices like Yoga, Reiki, Massage and the mysteries of life into the majestic offerings of nature. There’s an undeniable spark that rises up when these two Ladies come together. They have paired so many times with these common interests as a thread that neither of them can count the moments of joy, laughter, and expansion they have shared on the water, in the forest, or co-leading workshops in sacred spaces. Their love of each other and their honoring of our individual journeys is an infectious support to dive into your truest nature.  Together, they create opportunities for joyful gathering, personal growth, and ways for all of us to nurture our soul and each other. Thus began their shared endeavor: ‘Adventures in Spirit’

Join them as they adventure on Squam, or fall deeply into relaxation and bliss on the floor of the Yoga Barn or in the wilds of nature.  Take a look at past adventures they shared on Maui Hawai’i (consider joining Leslie in March as Maui manifests her return~ Manifest on Maui Retreat or join Katie in Mexico or India)

Restorative Yoga & Reiki  (upcoming offering: August 30th) is a profound combination of complimentary modalities (Yoga & Reiki) and women (Leslie & Katie) that support relaxation and nourishment to your whole being.  This ignites the body’s innate abilities and deep healing is possible.  The attention and honor these two passionate women bring to the practice is vitamins for your body and soul igniting your body’s highest potential.

Squam Paddle is a playful, adventurous and perfect day on Squam Lake.  Our local beloved pristine lake (where the movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed).  Leslie & Katie share some of their favorite spots adding treats and treasures along the way.

Registration for these events is kept to one site ~ you can find them and more information on Dragonfly Yoga Barn, Studio & Retreats website:  Dragonfly Yoga Barn, Studio & Retreat