Squam Reiki Retreat


September 10th-12th

3-days/2nights @ Rockywold-Deephaven Camps (Holderness, NH)

Details coming soon

2020 ~

September 11th – 13th
Rockywold-Deephaven Camps
(Holderness, NH)

Sunrise hike & meditation ~ Rattlesnake

Hello Reiki Community.

I am so excited to be sharing with all of you this incredible opportunity.  We are fortunate to have again secured Rockywold-Deephaven Camps for Squam Reiki Retreat.  Here is a link to highlighting some of the aspects of Rockywold-Deephaven Camps

The history and beauty of, not only Squam Lake and the White Mountains that border it, but of the Camps themselves, foster layer upon layer of enriching experiences.  Adding to the location and an all-inclusive retreat will be the gift of sharing community with other Reiki trained individuals and their partners.  We have wonderful activities and Reiki Shares planned, as well as time to kayak, hike, swim, relax on a dock, listen to the loon’s call as the sun sets & rises over the lake, be warmed by your own cottages’s fireplace, join in meditation, yoga, dream, and take in the beauty and magic of the surrounding landscape.

Come together to explore, ignite and share Reiki and each other.
*   All lineages  ~ All levels   * (and partners)

SAVE THE DATE !!!!!!  ~ September 11th -13th, 2020

All-inclusive 3-day/2-night retreat.  Space is limited. 

Email Leslie at peaceofmindreiki@gmail.com for more information and to register.

Pontoon ride on Squam ~ the eagle gave a show
paddle to Church Island for Reiju & meditation
Reiki on the porch
Squam Sunrise

Blessings and Light
~ Leslie

Leslie Jose LMT/ARMT
Peace of Mind Reiki® & Massage
(mailing address: 180 Chase Rd. North Sandwich, NH 03259)

“Where there is great love, there are always outrageous miracles.” …Willa Sibert Cather